Saturday, 16 August 2014

Where the Pope Goes, So Go the Templars

Crowds a million strong welcome Pope Francis in Seoul.
The papacy may have thought it was done with the Templars seven hundred years ago.  But as the latest news from Korea shows, the Templars are following close on the heels of the pope.

Crazy about the pope.
Pope Francis is visiting South Korea where over ten percent of the population are Roman Catholics. Catholicism was introduced to Korea two hundred years ago not by missionaries but by Koreans themselves who had travelled to the West and brought back the books by which they spread the word - and for which they were executed. These 124 martyrs are being beatified by Pope Francis during his visit to South Korea where he is attracting crowds a million strong.

Coinciding with the pope's visit I have received news that The Templars: History and Myth will be translated into Korean and published there next year by Cum Libro Publishing Co in Seoul.

Maybe the pope will someday beatify Jacques de Molay, the last Templar grand master, who was burnt alive at the stake.

The pope does selfies.