Sunday, 27 December 2015

A Cultural Guide to Palmyra

Dressing fashionably for the desert journey to Palmyra.
Palmyra and Islamic State have been in the news a lot recently.  Which can be testing for one's cultural awareness. But thanks to Zippy the Pinhead, who has made a visit to the ancient city in the centre of the Syrian desert, all is now clear. 

Zippy and his companion prepare themselves for a cultural visit to the desert.

A procession of women veil themselves for a ritual
at the Temple of Bel. 

Zippy looks for the procession of women at the Temple of Bel but discovers that they, along with the entire temple, have been blown up.
Zippy reports that there is really not much you need to know about Palmyra as most of the cultural bits are not there anymore.