Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Quest for Mary Magdalene Published in Time for Easter

Publication date 17 March 2016.
The Quest for Mary Magdalene went to press today and will be published in hardback by Profile Books in London on 17 March 2016, in time for Easter which in the Western Church falls on 27 March this year (and in the Orthodox churches on 31 April). 

Hardback jacket. Click to enlarge.

In the manner of a quest, this book follows Mary Magdalene through the centuries, explores how she has been reinterpreted for every age, and examines what she herself reveals about woman and man and the divine. It seeks the real Mary Magdalene in the New Testament and in the gnostic gospels where she is extolled as the chief disciple of Christ. It investigates how and why the Church recast her as a fallen woman, it traces her story through the Renaissance when she became a goddess of beauty and love, and it looks at Mary Magdalene as the feminist icon she has become today.