Saturday, 10 February 2018

On and On and On with The Durrells

The Durrell family arrived in Corfu in 1935.
In an earlier post I suggested that The Durrells, which will broadcast its third series this spring, might run for five series in all.  This is because the Durrells arrived in Corfu in 1935, the new third series is set in 1937, and the family did not leave the island until the outbreak of the Second World War two years later in 1939 - therefore a series per year.

But now further publicity is hinting that The Durrells could continue beyond Corfu and well into the war and maybe well beyond that.

In fact Callum Woodhouse who plays Leslie says he sees no reason why The Durrells cannot 'carry on forever, really'.

'On and on and on and on', says Callum Woodhouse, who plays Leslie.

The whole story before, during and after Corfu.