Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Day in Brighton

This video of Brighton was shot off the cuff today by Nicky Davidson. You can see it here.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bright and Busy Christmas London

Getting to the London Library this evening involved taking the Underground to Leicester Square and then walking across to Piccadilly Circus, into Regent Street St James (until recently known as Lower Regent Street but that seems to have been bad for trade) and so into Jermyn Street and left to the Library in St James' Square.

Other times I might take the Underground to Piccadilly Circus or Green Park or I might take a bus or walk.

The streets are especially bright and busy during these evenings leading up to Christmas.  These are a few photographs I took with my smart phone along the way.

Leicester Square

Piccadilly Circus seen from the top of Haymarket.

Heading from Piccadilly Circus into Regent Street St James.

Looking down Regent Street St James.
Jermyn Street is on the immediate right.

After visiting the Library I enjoyed the quiet walk along Jermyn Street, fairly quiet even at Christmas though its environs are home to some of the best shops in London.

Not that I do my weekly shopping along Jermyn Street but at Christmas especially I like to look in on the wonderful biscuits and cakes and chocolates at Fortnum and Mason or step into Paxton and Whitfield, the atmosphere sharpened by hundreds of cheeses.

Up and down at Fortnum and Mason.

Shopping for Christmas cakes and pies and chocolates
at Fortnum's in Piccadilly, round the corner from Jermyn Street.

Cheeses trembling with expectation at Paxton's.

The shop window of Paxton's in Jermyn Street.

By the way, Sir Isaac Newton lived in Jermyn Street, at number 87, almost next door to the cheeses.

Big Cheese.