Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Enemies of History

Relief depicting olives at the Temple of Bel.
On the radio this morning I have heard it confirmed that Islamic State have blown up the Temple of Bel at Palmyra. It is not as though it was necessary to close the place down; no worship has taken place there for nearly two thousand years.  

It seems that their enemy is more general; they hate the world as it is, and they hate that greatest enemy of all, the past.  

These are some photographs I have taken at Palmyra showing you what is offensive in their eyes.  They do not like olives.  And surprisingly they do not like veiled women, though despite what some people say these women are not veiled as Muslims are today; the women of Palmyra were not veiled, but they did cover themselves when attending rituals at the Temple of Bel. 

Women partaking in a ritual at the Temple of Bel.
And the children.  Possibly Islamic State is now teaching them how to execute people in large numbers at the amphitheatre at Palmyra or how to cut off people's heads.

Children of Palmyra.